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MommySue -- -- (click here to contact)

Sue is the wife of a wonderfully supportive senior pastor, the owner & webmaster for Pastors' Wives Thriving in the Fishbowl, and mother of two wonderful teenagers. We have been at the same church since 1990, but have been married and in ministry since 1985. In the more than 20 years of ministry, my sole desire has been to follow Christ as wife, mother and pastor's wife. It is a privilege to serve His church through the joys and sorrows that come from living on this fallen earth. Seeking fellowship and mentoring in serving as a pastor's wife, I found a home at Pastors' Wives Thriving in the Fishbowl founded by Amy Osborn. When she closed down the site, she graciously allowed me to re-open the site. My hope is to encourage other pastors' wives to thrive in their "fishbowl" in the grace and love of our Savior.


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ChurchLady -- (click here to contact)

"churchlady" is a pastor's wife with a passion for serving the women who are on the front lines of ministry, and providing a safe environment where they can renew themselves both spiritually and emotionally. She's been a pastor's wife since 1993, and was thrilled to find a website just for the wives of pastors. So when reopened, she eagerly volunteered to help keep it running. She wants all pastors' wives to experience God's love to its fullest, as they share their lives and encourage one another.

Other Message Board Staff

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One of the first pastors' wives you'll meet online at our message forums will be a "Phileo Sister." The ministry of this special group of ladies is to welcome you to our forum and help you find your way around.

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If you have any technical questions or need to know how to navigate our forum, you'll want to head to the help center where these ladies are ready to answer your questions.

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The goal of the Mod Squad is to model healthy discussion methods and encourage members to handle conversations in a Godly and biblical manner. They also assist the administrators with housekeeping tasks to help the forum run smoothly.

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Fishbowl Advisors -- These pastors' wives have been in ministry for many years and have so much wisdom and experience to offer. They help oversee the forums, the moderating staff, and membership approval. They also are a wonderful source of advice to Moose and all the ladies on our forums, in pure Titus 2 fashion.