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Beth --


Hi, I am from the UK, non-denominational and have been at our current church for just 18+ months. I have been a member of the Fishbowl since 2006 and found it a place of help and support.  God has used the move from a safe and comfortable place to somewhere we don't know anything or anybody to teach my husband and myself more about Himself. All our comforts were stripped away and we have had to rely more on Him and each other.  I have 2 growing girls who both amaze and frustrate me. I am involved in some of the children's work at church but feel that my main ministry is hospitality to our church community and the local one we live in. I work 16 hours in a local Nursery and need God's wisdom in how to be a witness for Him there. In my spare time I enjoy baking, reading, walking and exercise. I am hoping to teach myself quilting and knitting as well as learning to drive.  If I can be of any assistance to you here on the board, please contact me and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


Godsgirltmm --

Hi, I’m godsgirltmm, or Tammy. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 16 years. My husband serves as lead pastor in a Southern Baptist Congregation in Southeast Louisiana. We have three wonderful children who are a tremendous blessing in our life. My husband has been serving in vocational ministry for about four years. My husband is currently pastoring full time and attending seminary. I spend most of my time taking care of my family and hold a part time job as a secretary/bookkeeper two days a week. God has placed in me a desire to minister to others, in particular women and pastors' wives. I love the ministry of the fishbowl ( It has been a tremendous blessing to me as I have stepped out into this very challenging calling and I pray that I may be used by God to help bless others in the same way!

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